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The Wedding Photography consultation process

In order to capture your special day with images that have that ‘WOW’ factor it takes a great deal of planning and preparation on my part combined with information gleaned from you.  Whilst I am able to shoot a wedding without Bride & Groom consultation or information input, you will have in your mind the kind of wedding images that you really want and through several consultations we will produce a Photography Plan that is agreed and achievable within the limitations of the venue and environmental factors.  I will never promise something that I cannot deliver; for example, if you had seen a bride & groom image that was taken with rolling hills in the background and your wedding ceremony and reception is in the centre of Lincoln we may need to re-think that one!

At our first meeting, I will collect minimal information of how you have planned the day, from experience I will then offer advice to you from a photography perspective.  When planning the day, most couples will not include sufficient time for the photographer to meet the clients aspirations, I will offer guidance on how we can rectify this to help meet your photography aspirations.  I will try to make the Final Planning meeting with you at the venue a few days before the wedding, at this point we can walk the ground and confirm the Photography Plan.

The Wedding Photography Plan

From experience I like to break the day down into elements, then through consultation with you we will agree the timings and the style of photography for each element.

The elements are as follows:

  1.  The Pre Shoot (see below)
  2. Bride Preparations
  3. The Groomsmen
  4. Pre Ceremony
  5. The Ceremony
  6. Post Ceremony
  7. Group Photography
  8. Bride & Groom Shots
  9. The Wedding Breakfast
  10. The Cake cutting
  11. The First Dance

I will now explain each Element and show some example images, you can use the links above or if you prefer there will be a link to the next element at the bottom of each element.  OK, lets get started……..

1.  Pre Shoot.  Whilst a pre shoot is not included in the package it can be arranged.  A pre shoot is advantageous in the following conditions:

  • Nervous of photography.  Many brides and indeed grooms do not like having their photograph taken, this combined with an epic event such as the wedding day fills them with fear.  A pre shoot combined with advice from me will put you at ease and prepare you for the big day.
  • Signing Frame.  Instead of having a signing book where guests write their messages to the bride & groom during the reception, some couples prefer to have a signing frame that your guests write on and you can then place on a wall to view forever, some examples of a pre shoot and an example of a signing frame are below:

Signing Frame Image choices I produced for a client (obviously copyright info is not there on final image)

Wedding Photographer Lincoln Lincolnshire

Wedding Photographer Lincoln Lincolnshire

Wedding Photographer Lincoln Lincolnshire

Example of Signing Frame (huge array of sizes and frame options are available)



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